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2024-03-22 12:09:52

Upon completion of your part time course from Mangalayatan University, you'll be well-equipped to pursue various career paths

2024-03-04 09:59:24

B.Tech lateral entry is a pathway that allows students to directly enter the second year of an engineering

2023-12-14 04:15:05

Lateral entry in B.Tech course program is a system where students with a diploma or an equivalent qualification

2023-12-11 05:34:31

Lateral Entry B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Mangalayatan University is a program designed for working professionals who have a diploma or

2023-12-07 01:24:48

Several factors contribute to the increasing trend of online B.Tech programs in Computer Science today. Here

2023-11-21 05:10:58

As we all know that pursuing part

2023-10-31 07:24:41

In recent years, part-time M.Tech programs have gained popularity in India. These programs offer working

2023-07-13 06:45:38

Part-time jobs have become an essential requirement for M.Tech students in India. With the increasing cost of education and living expenses, it

2023-06-26 06:58:17

The popularity of M.Tech in engineering in India can be attributed to the career prospects, specialized knowledge, research opportunities, and

2023-06-17 05:38:48

Part-time B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) programs are designed for individuals who want to pursue a technical education while managing

2023-04-20 05:35:41

Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Electrical Engineering is a postgraduate course that provides advanced knowledge and skills to students in the

2023-04-12 06:10:17

The technological world continues to advance and so is the demand for skilled professionals in the field of cloud computing is growing rapidly.

2023-04-07 06:40:24

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and broadest branches of engineering and its Part-time Online

2023-04-05 03:53:44

Over the years, Online M.Tech courses have gained immense popularity in India. As the world is moving towards digitalization, more and more

2023-02-27 01:28:59

It is to make note that whether it is M. Tech part-time or M. Tech Full-time it is most important for the learner to choose those courses or

2022-11-29 06:17:59

As most industry operations shifted from brick-and-mortar establishments to the

2022-11-21 01:55:37

According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics, an annual growth of 7% is expected in the job market for electronics engineers. Judging by the

2022-11-18 01:57:49

The 21st century is heavily dependent on the use of digital technologies, electronics, and electrical gadgets.

2022-11-14 01:40:38

The earliest mention of civil engineering dates back to the Indus Valley civilisation, which was renowned for its architectural genius. Since

2022-11-11 02:10:37

Are you a working professional who is interested in pursuing higher studies but you can't leave your job to enrol in a

2022-11-10 00:30:36

Should I pursue a full-time or part-time M.Tech. programme while working? Should I attend on-campus classes or online lectures? These questions

2022-11-09 01:52:38

As we're sailing through the 21st century with the fourth industrial revolution just at our doorstep,

2022-11-08 01:05:05

Experts recommend students to opt for a part-time MBA degree as it is much needed for career advancement. After enrolling in a

2022-11-07 01:51:32

“Should I go with an engineering degree or an

2022-11-03 07:59:45

"Can I pursue M.Tech. part time in India".Yes, if you’re working as an engineer in the industry, you can enroll for a UGC or

2022-11-03 06:56:17

Can I get a B.Tech. degree while working full-time?"This question often troubles

2022-08-31 03:18:43

Professional development provided with flexible hours of studying without having to leave your current job can be an added advantage for those

2022-08-31 03:14:16

When thinking of expanding your educational portfolio, the most obvious choice to make is a full-time program

2022-08-31 01:45:25

 The world is experiencing an inspiring advancement in technology and with it, comes the

2022-07-07 06:19:41

There are a large number of engineering institutions in India, both public and private, that provide students with the opportunity to earn a

2022-07-07 06:04:20

Diploma programs are short-term courses that help students, and working professionals develop practical

2022-07-07 06:00:20

Part-time MBA programs save your time by adding a master’s degree to your credentials, opening up many career opportunities in top MNCs, the

2022-04-26 07:05:27

Hemant Goyal, Chairman of Mangalayatan University said, “The Work Integrated Learning Program is ideal for those working professionals