Is Part-time M.Tech. For Working Professionals Valid In India?

"Can I pursue M.Tech. part time in India".Yes, if you’re working as an engineer in the industry, you can enroll for a UGC or AICTE-approved WILP part-time M.Tech. course at one of the prestigious Indian universities. The Work Integrated Learning Program, a special initiative by the Indian government, education boards, and institutions, includes part-time post-graduate level courses that allow working professionals to specialize in their field of choice. They’re as valid as an on-campus, full-time M.Tech. degree and allow students to establish their career, alongside studies.

Is It Beneficial For Candidates?

Yes, it is beneficial for working professionals because:

  • It allows you to continue with a full-time 9-5 job, so you’re gaining work experience.
  • Working while getting a degree allows you to practice the skills you imbibed from the classroom in a real-world context.
  • It adds up to your existing qualifications that would give you leverage over other candidates in job interviews.
  • Having bachelor’s and master’s degrees increases the likelihood of getting promotions and better jobs at MNCs and government offices.

Scope After Getting A Part-Time M.Tech. Degree

While a B.Tech. degree clears the way for you to step into the job pool, getting an M.Tech. degree ensures that you climb up the ladder. Once you complete your master’s, you could work as senior engineers, analysts, designers, specialists, consultants, professors, or research experts.

All About The WILP Part-Time M.Tech. Program

A part-time Lateral Entry M.Tech. program is divided into four semesters (across two years), wherein classes are conducted online after business hours on weekdays or at weekends. The first three semesters cover the theory. In the last semester, students need to complete their internship and submit a dissertation on a specific topic that requires them to solve a problem with the application of techniques and concepts learned in the class.

Like regular M.Tech. courses, students have to attend classes, special lectures & workshops, take examinations (that are conducted online), and submit assignments on topics allotted by their mentors. They’re graded via the Continues Evaluation System, wherein teachers monitor their progress and provide feedback. After completing the coursework, exams, and dissertation, students get the part-time M.Tech. degree from the university.

What Is The Eligibility?

If you wish to get a part-time M.Tech. degree, you must score a minimum of 45% in your B.Tech. program and have a work experience of 2 years in the relevant industry.

Where Can I Get A Part-Time M.Tech. Degree

Founded in 2006 and located in Delhi-NCR, Mangalayatan University offers UGC-approved part-time M.Tech. degrees for aspiring engineers in the following disciplines:

  • Electrical Engineering(with specialization in electrical machines and drives)
  • Electronics Engineering(with specialization in Communications system and VLSI design)
  • Computer Science Engineering (with specialization in AI & machine learning, cyber security, cloud computing, and data science)
  • Civil Engineering (with specialization in concrete technology, environment engineering, structural engineering, and transportation engineering)
  • Mechanical Engineering (with specialization in Industrial engineering, thermal engineering, and machine design & Prod)

Course Highlights

  • Application of the latest technology for learning (online tutorials, open education, and multimedia resources)
  • Availability of live and pre-recorded lessons
  • Equal opportunity for everyone to interact and collaborate with the faculty and peers
  • Flipped classes and experiential learning
  • Hands-on learning through dissertation and project work
  • Peer assessment
  • Continuous assessment by the faculty
  • Opportunity to build an e-portfolio
  • Online mentoring by the industry's best experts

Getting Admission At Mangalayatan University

Interested candidates need to complete the online registration process to enroll in a part-time M.Tech. degree at Mangalayatan University. It’s a quick and hassle-free process.