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Why Teach with Mangalayatan?

Realize Aspiration

Realize the pure joy of giving by contributing to the society through sharing knowledge and changing someone's life.

Enjoy Flexibility

Connect with your students is just a click away. Enjoy Educating from anywhere and whenever you want.

Earn Complementary

Gets an opportunity to earn in addition to your regular paycheck

Potential Gains

A surprisingly high earning potential with predictability and control in your hands!

Create Stories

Opportunity to connect with students across the globe and create inspiring learning stories!

Earning Potential

from minimum

₹ 30,000 + Per month


₹ 1,00,000 + Per month

What We Expect

Have passion for teaching

Seeking Educators who belong to Teaching and have zeal to put their best to make learning fun and productive for Learners.

Available Regularly

Can devote around 3-4 Hours of Daily and can be reached out on phone calls as well.

Content Experts

A person with expert skills in the subject areas or his/her choice and can suggest and develop learning modules at own

Enthusiastic to learn and grow

Someone who is willing to learn, embrace emerging technology and highlight the dedication for own growth.

Faculty Testimonials

Application Process

What Learners say about our Teachers?


How long does it take to start teaching at Mangalayatan University?
It takes generally a week's time. One can start teaching once the subjects are allocated post induction.
What are the subjects available for teaching at Mangalayatan University?
Mangalayatan University is an online learning platform for working professionals and teachers with the domain knowledge of Engineering, Law, Agriculture, Management, Science, Research get opportunity to teach
What is the average earning potential at Mangalayatan University?
Educators at Mangalayatan University can earn more than INR 25000 per month. An educator interested to teach 3 hours per day, can easily earn between INR 25000-30000 per month.
What are the basic requirements for conducting online tutoring at Mangalayatan University?
A computer system with good processing power, minimum of 4 GB RAM, broadband Internet connectivity (atleast 4 mbps) is required. Ensure that Power backup for your computer system is available in case your area has electricity issues.
What kind of computer proficiency is required to conduct these online sessions?
You need to have basic understanding of MS Office, Internet and conducting online sessions.
Is there any training provided to conduct online sessions?
An initial training is provided to every new onboard teacher at Mangalayatan University AND is always available for helping teachers with anything and everything they need.
Is there any technical support provided to the teachers in case of any issues during my sessions?
Yes our technical support team is always available for immediate resolutions to any issues you face.
When are payouts released for Teachers?
All Payouts are released on monthly basis and before 5th of every month
Do I need to Sign any contract or bonds?
We don't have any contract or bonds as we provide flexibility to our educators however it is suggested for every educator to complete the syllabus allotted and then signoff.
What are my responsibilities as an Educator?
All educators are expected to act as an end-to-end learning solution providers for the students. Teacher understands the learning requirement of the student, creates the learning plan for the student, prepares the relevant content required for the sessions, shares tests and assignments, evaluates them to understand student progress and provides regular feedback on the same to learners.
Can I create own Content for my Sessions?
You will be allotted with a login ID for our LMS (learning management system) to create, curate, share and evaluate content based on the subjects allotted or chosen by you.

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