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About Mangalayatan University

Mangalayatan University is a multidisciplinary University established in the year 2006 by an Act (no 32 of 2006) of the State Legislature of Uttar Pradesh. With an ambitious vision and unique approach, Mangalayatan University has emerged as an innovative institution offering industry-focused specialized undergraduate and postgraduate courses, some of which cater to high-growth areas like engineering, management, law, biomedical, paramedical, pharmacy, humanities and so on.

Mangalayatan University was founded on two basic principles: keeping the interest of students as its foremost priority and recognizing that knowledge is ever-growing, omnipresent and requires the opening of minds and these two qualities are at the core of our existence.

Mangalayatan (translated as the germinal bed of positive thought) aims to perpetuate a culture of hardwork, embracing change and preparing oneself for the fast progressing world with the latest skills and the highest level of social and personal values. Situated 20 km from the Yamuna Expressway in Uttar Pradesh, Mangalayatan University was founded in 2006 and has graduated over 3000+ students. Nearly 3000+ students from India and abroad are currently studying on campus.


To be an institution where the most formative years of a young mind are spent in the guided pursuit of excellence while developing a spirit of inquisitive questioning, an ability to excel in the pressure of a fast-changing professional world, and a desire to grow into a personality than a person, in an environment that fosters strong moral and ethical values, teamwork, community service and environment consciousness.


  • To be the enablers of the confluence of academic rigor and professional practicality.
  • To train students to be skilled professionals, with the hunger and ability to become leaders.
  • To hone not just the intellect of our students, but also their character and personality.
  • To bring global best practices to our students through widespread use of technology.
  • To empower our faculty to constantly develop new skills and excel professionally.
  • To provide the best campus environment to students and faculty with all facilities to nurture their interests.

About Programmes for Working Professionals

Lateral Entry for Working Professional Programme (Programmes for Working Professionals) — a programme that integrates academic learning of a discipline with its practical application at the workplace. It powers learning by doing. It grants an opportunity for learners to participate in a real-world experience within their chosen field which can directly contribute to their degree or course of study. Programmes for Working Professionals activities unite academic learning with practical workplace application, giving learners the chance to both apply their discipline-specific knowledge and to solve real issues they will encounter in their field.

Programmes for Working Professionals Benefits:

  • Helps in Figuring out your next career move
  • Learn at your convenience
  • Unlock possibilities with Flexibility
  • Accelerate your career growth without leaving your Job

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