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Lateral Entry for Working Professional Program

  • At Mangalayatan University, we consider education as a continuous, never-ending process. The intended audience for the course we offer is working professionals who want to continue their further education and obtain lateral entry.
  • Our curriculum has been created to help you combine your professional and educational goals.
  • Our educational program aims to give you actual knowledge and experiences that will help you grow in your profession while maintaining your commitment to work.
  • Come along on this innovative journey with us as we remake education for individuals who wish to pursue their professional careers and academic goals at the same time.


  • Enrolling in our lateral entry program for working professionals comes with many advantages. The curriculum is expertly designed to build on your current knowledge and skills, allowing for a smooth transition into more advanced academic areas.
  • Our program offers flexibility without compromising the quality of education, making it ideal for professionals with busy schedules. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in a live learning environment, where industry experts come together to network and form cooperative collaborations.
  • Join us now and take advantage of a program that is tailored to enhance your career prospects and academic growth.

Why Choose Mangalayatan

  • We offer Diploma, B.Tech and M.Tech programs recognized by UGC that provide structured guidance, ensuring that learning never ends.
  • Our rigorous learning assistance, weekend and evening classes, and online course options make it easy for you to learn at your own pace.
  • We follow an internationally recognized curriculum, and our virtual labs allow you to acquire and utilize ideas practically.
  • Our highly skilled faculties are from prestigious universities.
  • We offer free career guidance services to help you make informed decisions.
  • Free Access to Coursera certification for more in-depth knowledge and skill enhancement.
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Programmes for Working Professionals

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FAQs - Programmes for Working Professional

This program is designed for individuals with relevant work experience seeking to pursue advanced education. Working Professionals with ITI having a minimum of 45 % marks or its equivalent and one year of work experience are eligible for Diploma programs. Those interested in the B.Tech program must have passed the Diploma with a minimum of 45% marks or its equivalent and should have one year of work experience.

Working Professionals having a B.Tech degree with a minimum of 45% marks or its equivalent and one year of work experience are eligible for M.Tech programs.

Our program is tailored for working professionals, offering flexible schedules, and online resources to ensure you can balance your academic and professional commitments effectively.

The lateral entry program uses your current work experience by incorporating real-world knowledge into the course of work. It's a unique combination of practical application and thorough learning.

Yes, we offer support services including academic advisors, career counseling, and resources to help you navigate the challenges of balancing work and studies successfully.

Absolutely. The program is designed to enhance your skill set, making career transitions feasible. Career counseling services are available to guide you through this process.

We understand the financial considerations of working professionals. Explore our student fee finance scheme, including scholarships, grants, and flexible payment plans.

Exams, assignments, and practical projects are just a few of the various forms of assessments. Evaluating your understanding and application of concepts from theory as well as practical situations is the objective.

Yes, our program utilizes most of the technology to give you remote access to lectures, course materials, and other collaborative platforms so you can engage in your studies from wherever you are.

We have five universities in different states, experienced faculty, and more than 17 years of expertise in handling and helping students realize their academic aspirations. We provide complete assistance to students.


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