Part-time M.Tech. In Rajkot: The Course, Scope And Benefits

Should I pursue a full-time or part-time M.Tech. programme while working? Should I attend on-campus classes or online lectures? These questions often worry engineering students who are willing to study while working. Considering this, the education board and government authorities have extended the (LEWP) or Lateral Entry for Working Professional, which allows students to take online classes after business hours on weekdays and at weekends to finish their coursework. If you're one of those students who wants to acquire a part-time M.Tech. degree in Rajkot, here's all that you need to know.

Why Part-time M.Tech. Courses?

M.Tech. seems like an excellent option for students who're interested in science & technology and want to advance their careers or enhance their academic knowledge and professional skills. After getting the degree, students can work as software developers, design or production engineers, professors, or researchers

Disciplines Offered For M.Tech. Courses

·        Electrical Engineering: Students of electrical engineering acquire a comprehensive understanding of electrical machines, electromechanical design, electromagnetic design, etc.

·        Electronics Engineering: The discipline includes specialisation in VLSI design (a successful amalgamation of electrical engineering and material science) and communication systems (which combines telecommunications and information technology). 

·        Civil Engineering: A part-time M.Tech. degree in civil engineering allows students to specialise in concrete technology (requires the knowledge of structural elements), construction engineering (with technical know-how of project and engineering concepts), transport engineering (that includes the knowledge of design, transport & planning of various modes of transportation), and environmental engineering (involving proactive measures for minimising environmental issues).

·        Mechanical Engineering: The course involves advanced lessons in engineering equipments, machine design, and integrated systems. Students opting for a part-time M.Tech. degree in mechanical engineering can specialise in industrial engineering, thermal engineering, and machine design and prod.

·        Computer Science Engineering: Students of information technology can specialise in cyber security, data science, AI & machine learning, cloud computing, etc.

Which Institute Is The Best For Getting A Part-time M.Tech. In Rajkot?

Aspiring engineering professionals who're looking for a WILP part-time M.Tech. course in Rajkot can check out the courses offered by Mangalayatan University. Established in 2006, the institution has opened academic prospects for over 3000 students and offered them the opportunity to excel in their respective industries.

They offer part-time M.Tech. courses in Rajkot for aspiring engineers. The course extends over four semesters where online classes are conducted after business hours on weekdays or at the weekends. The lectures and examinations are conducted online, and students get a chance to indulge in experiential learning by accessing both live and pre-recorded lectures as well as educational materials available in multimedia format. In the last semester, students participate in a dissertation project that allows them to develop professional skills and expertise in their chosen discipline. Throughout the course, students are offered industrial mentorship by the experts and are continuously assessed via a continuous evaluation system to improve their performance. They also get the opportunity to brush their skills by working on an e-portfolio that helps them secure a better job.

What Is The Eligibility Required To Take Admission?

Students who’re interested in enrolling for the WILP part-time M.Tech. degree need to score a minimum of 45% in their B.Tech. programme and have at least one year of work experience. The university doesn’t conduct any entrance exam for admission to the M.Tech. courses

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