Part-time MBA Courses for Working Professionals: A Complete Guide

Experts recommend students to opt for a part-time MBA degree as it is much needed for career advancement. After enrolling in a part-time MBA programme, you can attend online lectures at the weekends or after business hours on weekdays. Similar to a regular MBA programme, it offers you a chance to gain practical and theoretical knowledge of business administration while putting it into practise at your workplace.

Why Should You Enrol In A Part-time MBA Course?

·        Getting a professional degree gives you clarity on how to excel in your chosen field.

·        A part-time MBA degree helps you develop specific soft skills (like digital citizenship, analysis, management flexibility, communication, collaboration, etc.) that are mostly demanded by employers.

·        The knowledge of business administration helps you stay updated with the latest market trends, understand real-world problems and find sensible solutions to them.

·        It creates more opportunities for better networking, salary increments, promotions, and allows you to display your potential to future recruiters.

Most Desired MBA Disciplines For Specialisation

·        Aviation Management: This course offers knowledge of aviation-oriented topics and develops business administration skills that allow students to specialise in aviation safety, cargo, ground handling, regulatory & fleet management, etc.

·        Big Data & Business Analytics: Specialising in business analytics allows professionals to gain knowledge of different decision models; data mining & acquisition; customer analytics; customisation; etc. that allows students to take on roles like predictive modeller, data engineer, and business analyst.

·        Entrepreneurship: A part-time MBA degree in entrepreneurship allows aspiring business pioneers to nurture various operations and ideas in startups or already established foundations.

·        Enterprise Management: It offers functional knowledge that allows individuals to manage greater responsibilities and climb the corporate ladder in the globalised economy.

·        Financial Management: Experts recommend the WILP MBA in Finance Management to help individuals master the basics of company evaluations, banking, finance, accounting, etc., to bring in more profits.

·        HR Management: A part-time MBA degree in HR management allows students to stay updated with the latest employment and management trends in multiple industries, ranging from corporate to education.

·        Marketing Management: The course allows students to come up with innovative marketing campaigns to promote their brands.

·        International Business: The programme effectively combines real-world business applications with management theory to take a new venture to the global level. 

·        Logistics Management: The discipline allows students to overcome challenges related to service, customer requirements, business value, quality management, etc.

·        Supply Chain Management: It is a significant part of the biggest industries (like air & land transportation, shipping, information & technology, construction, etc.) that offers students knowledge on how to reduce the cost of manufacturing raw materials, supply, intra-company flow of products, etc.

·        Rural & Agri-business: Agriculture being one of the biggest sources of the Indian economy, this part-time MBA programme allows business managers to take an unconventional route to generate gains in the public and private sectors.

·        Tourism & Hospitality Management: The course familiarises students with business strategies, ground-level operations, and marketing campaigns to promote hospitality and tourism services.

Which University Offers The Best WILP Part-time MBA Courses?


Mangalayatan University's online WILP (Work Integrated Learning Programme) is recognised by the UGC that stretched over four semesters, like any regular MBA course. The institution offers contact-less lectures, resource materials, and exams. Students also get to finish a dissertation project in the final semester, which is assessed through the CES (Continuous Evaluation System) to monitor students' progress in each semester. Anyone looking forward to enrolling in their part-time MBA programme needs to score a minimum of 45% in their graduation and have at least one-year working experience.

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