All That You Need To Know About A WILP Part-time B.Tech. Electronics Engineering (ECE) Degree!

According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics, an annual growth of 7% is expected in the job market for electronics engineers. Judging by the statistics, a career in the electronics and communications industry has tremendous scope for Indian youths. Working professionals who already hold a diploma in engineering and are looking forward to building a lucrative career in the industry can pursue a part-time B Tech Electronics Engineering (ECE) course. Wondering if you could study and work together? Yes, you can. Read on to know all about WILP courses.

What Is WILP?

A Work-Integrated Learning Program (WILP) is a part-time course for working professionals that allows them to study alongside work. Many engineering colleges in India offer AICTE-approved WILP undergraduate and postgraduate courses for engineering diploma holders. E.g., part-time B.Tech. Electronics Engineering (ECE) degree, as it is in great demand. Unlike in a full-time B.Tech. course, students don't need to take any entrance tests like JEE or AIEEE to get enrolled in the college. The eligibility criterion for the WILP part-time B.Tech. (Electronics Engineering) course includes a minimum score of 45% or equivalent in the engineering diploma and a minimum work experience of at least one year for working professionals. 

What Do Students Learn In A Part-Time WILP Engineering Course?

The course covers the following subjects:

  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Wireless Sensors And Communications
  • Digital Communications
  • 3G/4G Mobile Communications
  • Digital Electronics
  • Optical Fiber
  • Analog Devices, Circuits & Communications
  • Network Theory
  • Linear Circuits
  • Microprocessors
  • Automatic Control Systems
  • Signals and Systems
  • Electronic Instrumentation
  • Electromagnetism
  • Optoelectronic Devices
  • Sensors and Instrumentations
  • Computer Programming
  • Automatic Control Systems Lab
  • Elective Courses

The Benefits of Getting A Part-time B.Tech. In Electronics Engineering (ECE) Degree

Similar to a full-time course, the part-time B.Tech. Electronics Engineering (ECE) course stretches over seven semesters that cover the theory part. The last semester includes a dissertation project that offers real-time industry exposure and allows students to develop technical skills under the supervision of industry experts. Working professionals can attend all the classes as they're conducted online after business hours on weekdays and at the weekends.

  • Students can attend live lectures anytime, anywhere. They could also re-visit recorded lectures if they missed something. 
  • Students get access to open educational resources and multimedia learning content. 
  • Flipped classrooms, experiential learning, continuous assessment, etc., make it easy to learn. 
  • The best industry experts mentor students. 
  • Working professionals also get the opportunity to work on their e-portfolios.

Future Prospects

Having an undergraduate or postgraduate degree increases students' chances of getting better remuneration and career growth. After getting a part-time B.Tech. Electronics Engineering (ECE) degree, students can work in multiple jobs. For instance:

  • Design Engineer
  • Broadcast Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Technical Sales Engineer
  • Acoustic Consultant
  • Management Consultant
  • ML Engineer
  • CAD Technician
  • Special Effects Technician
  • Clinical Technologist
  • Technical Author
  • Project Manager

Which Is The Best University For A WILP Engineering Program?

The Mangalayatan University in Uttar Pradesh is renowned for offering online WILP engineering courses. There part-time B.Tech. electronics engineering (ECE) degree gives working professionals a chance to grow and develop professionally. Click here to know more about the course.