Looking Forward To Enroll In Part-time B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering Course In Jaipur?

As we're sailing through the 21st century with the fourth industrial revolution just at our doorstep, technology is everywhere around us and advancing at a fast pace. Since automation has touched all spheres of our lives, mechanical engineering has surfaced as one of the most sought-after branches in recent times. Considering the rapid rate of industrialization in India, experts believe there will be great scope and prospects for mechanical engineers in the coming years. Therefore, building a career in this discipline seems like an excellent option for aspiring engineers. If you're looking forward to pursuing a part-time B.Tech. degree in Mechanical Engineering (ME) in Jaipur, here's all that you need to know about it. 

What Does The Future Hold For Mechanical Engineers?

Students of mechanical engineering need to develop an understanding of core physics topics like thermodynamics, mechanics, electricity, electromagnetism, structural analysis, materials science, etc. Pursuing a B.Tech. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Jaipur colleges or universities allows students to study the working, maintenance, replacement, and designing of various machines, automobiles, equipment, and mechanical parts. After completing the degree, students can take up job opportunities in various industries, ranging from automobiles to aerospace, railways, oil exploration, chemical manufacturing, research & development, etc. Aspiring students can work as mechanical engineers, design engineers, project engineers, professors, researcher, etc. 

An Overview Of B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering In Jaipur

The course stretches over four years, including theory, practical, and an industrial dissertation. The theory covered a wide range of topics, including heat transfer, computer-aided design & manufacturing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, electrical machines, engineering measurements, welding, environmental pollution control, fluid mechanics, energy management, machine kinetics, etc. The coursework also includes learning about multiple tools like Ansys, Creo, Hypermash, Solidworks, etc., that will help them in their future workplace. 

Why Opt For A LEWP Programme Instead Of A Regular, Full-time B.Tech. Degree?

A LEWP or Lateral Entry Working Professional Programme, allows students to pursue a part-time online degree while having a full-time job. The option was extended by the government authorities to students who're already working as engineering professionals. Students are allowed to take classes after business hours on weekdays or at the weekends. The classes and examinations are conducted online. The final semester includes the industrial project or dissertation, where students get the opportunity to put their knowledge and skills to practise when tackling a real-time project or solving problems. 

To enrol in a LEWP part-time B.Tech. mechanical engineering degree, students must score a minimum of 45% in their intermediate and have at least one year of working experience. 

Where Can I Pursue A Part-time B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering Programme In Jaipur?

If you're looking forward to joining a Lateral Entry Working professional programme, you must opt for the part-time B.Tech. degree offered by Mangalayatan University. Their course allows students access to cutting-edge tutorials and pre-recorded or live lessons, online mentoring, flipped classrooms, academic mentorship, and opportunities to collaborate with industry experts, teachers, and peers over e-portfolios and projects. Students are evaluated via a ‘continuous evaluation system’ and given regular feedback to improve their performances. 

Established in 2006 with over 3000+ students, Mangalayatan University is a renowned institution offering a diverse range of WILP courses and plenty of exposure for students in different verticals, including the B.Tech. programme in mechanical engineering.

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